The Catalyst Business Center was developed as a prototype and tested between
January 2007 and December 2011.  While the systems were developed and the concepts
were proven, both require to get ready for expansion, the state of the economy between
2010 and today has not resulted in an environment that would allow the expansion of the
CBC in Gwinnett County, GA or expansion into other areas of the country.

In January, 2012, the prototype center was closed and the service providers hosted in the
center moved to new office facilities.  In the future, as the need for this type of facility
comes back, we will rebuild and start replicating centers around the country.

Here is more information on the Catalyst Business Center concept.  If you would like to
learn even more, contact us through the contact page on this site.

Introducing The Catalyst Business Center Concept:

The Catalyst Business Center can be
described as
"One Part Business Incubator,
Two Parts Executive Office Suite, and Three
Parts Business-Community Center.
"  That
is the vision that the founders, Lee and Kim
Huffman, had for the CBC since the first
location was opened in January, 2008.

One Part Business Incubator:  Each CBC
provides a "business safe environment" where
business owners can enjoy very flexible office
space agreements as well as support, training
and consulting services provided by the best independent trainers and consultants in the

For businesses who are just starting out, going through a transition, ramping up, or
ramping down, the CBC can provide short- or medium-term office arrangements and
interim support services.

For all businesses, independent service providers associated with the CBC provide every
type of leadership and employee training, as well as office and speciality services
designed to help the business stabilize and grow.

    "An incubator provides a safe, nurturing environment where a living organism can
    improve its changes for growth.  A business has similar needs from time to time.  
    So, a Business Incubator provides a safe, nurturing environment where business
    owners and leaders can grow their businesses.  There are business incubators for
    high-tech, medical, and manufacturing companies.  However, there is a strong
    need for other types of companies, such as professional services and knowledge-
    based companies.  This is the niche that Catalyst Business Centers are designed to
    fill." says founder and CEO, Lee Huffman.

    "Today, the Catalyst Business Center in Suwanee is limited to Business to Business
    service providers due to space considerations.  When we expand into our larger
    format facility, we will be able to accommodate additional industries, including:
    Business to Consumer, Medical, Dental,
    Chiropractic, specialty retail and light
    manufacturing."  Lee Continued, "Our
    current location has been great for
    developing the concept and we have
    laid the foundation for a more robust
    offering as the economic recovery
    continues ."

Each Catalyst Business Center has non-
exclusive relationships with an array of
independent service providers.  The CBC
leadership team evaluates these service
providers and provides a "CBC Seal of Approval" by adding that service provider's
contact information to the local CBC website.  These service providers become part of the
CBC community which allows them to build strong relationships with the CBC leadership
team, other service providers and others who utilize the CBC facilities and services.

  • Catalyst Business Centers host independent business consultants, trainers,
    and other service providers.

  • These Independent Service Providers develop business and community

  • These Business and Community Leaders develop businesses and
    organizations throughout the community where the CBC is located.

  • Communities stabilize and grow as these businesses grow.

The Catalyst Business Center hosts independent business consultants, trainers, and
other service providers who provide proven training and supportive services to business
leaders in the community.  The services provided by independent professionals include:  
Organizational Development, Leadership Development, Marketing and Promotional
Services, Business Development Services, Sales Training, Bookkeeping Support,
Accounting Services, Legal Services, Large Project Management, and much, much more.

In addition, each CBC has access to facilities that can be utilized to provide training and
events for one person, one hundred people, or even one thousand people.

Some of the independent service providers have office space inside of the Catalyst
Business Center and others have their own business locations outside of the center.

Two Parts Executive Office Suites:  Catalyst Business Centers offer environments
where business owners and leaders can produce great results without the direct
overhead associated leasing or owning their own office space.

    "Down-sizing... up-sizing... right-sizing... I am not sure which trend made us
    recognize the need for a unique type of office facility.  However, after starting up
    several businesses in my basement and feeling the pressure and uncertainty
    associated with moving out into the real world, I said, 'There must be something in
    between the home office and the full-blown lease that will make the move be less
    painful.'  Still, there really was not anything available.  So, now it the time." Lee

Whether you are moving out of your home-based office (or basement office as Lee has
done several times...), leaving a corporate firm to start your own practice, or taking the
core of your business out of a facility that has too much overhead, the Catalyst Business
Center was designed to work for you.

Down-sizing is always difficult because the situation is uncertain.  It can either be
temporary or long-lived, but there is no way to tell right now.  So, office space with a
shorter term may be just what you need.

For organizations that need to down-size in order to get the business back on track, the
CBC provides high-end, professional office space with short, medium, or long-term
commitment periods.  By leveraging key personnel, common infrastructure and
technology, and other "shareable" resources, you reduce overhead, both in the form of
cash and in the context switching required to manage the vast array of functions required
to run a larger business that has had to reduce.

Up-Sizing is almost as stressful.  You have too much business to continue working out of
the house or a shared office space.  You may need a better environment to bring
customers into instead of going to their offices whenever you have a meeting.  Then you
may just want to separate your office from your home so that you can more easily turn off
the work brain and spend higher quality time with those you love.

Then, you start looking around only to find that the cost of getting out on your own is
much higher than expected.  First, you need to enter into a 48 month lease commitment
on a space that you will probably outgrow in six to twelve months.  Then you need to
purchase a phone system and office furniture.  Next, invest time in figuring out what the
difference is between a "T-ONE" line, DSL, and Wi-Fi.  Now, recruit and hire a receptionist
who can double as an office manager.  Then, educate yourself in the areas of office
security and CAM, and take on dozens of other responsibilities that will only distract your
from your key objectives of generating more wealth through growing your customer base
and your product and service offering.

Working with a Catalyst Business Center, you can be out of your current environment and
settled into a clean, new environment in just a few days.  And, it is an environment that
already has the infrastructure, furniture, and staffing that you need to get started and be
productive quickly.

In addition, you can tap into the CBC business and learning community that will help you
grow personally and build your business even faster..

Three Parts Business-Community Center:  A Catalyst Business Center offers an
environment where small business owners and leaders can come together to do
business, network, socialize, or just have fun getting to know each other.

    "When Lee first described his vision for the Catalyst Business Centers, our son,
    Matthew, said, 'Dad, it sound like you are going to build a Student Union in the
    middle of the business district.' and Lee said, 'Matt, I think you see the vision.'."
    Kim Huffman recalled when we ask her about the CBC concept.

    "Lee has always had a passion for business and when he came out of retirement he
    started looking for ways to serve business owners in the community."  Kim said,
    speaking of her husband of 20 years, "He was working with a great business
    coaching organization when the need for business center focused on the needs of
    the leadership of small- and medium-sized businesses became clear.  He started
    developing the concept in 2005 and opened the small prototype office in 2008.  His
    plans were tempered when the recession hit and we decided to hold off until the
    recovery was underway.  But, now is the time."

Each Catalyst Business Center will be linked tightly with the local Chamber of Commerce
and the city or county leadership teams.  Since these groups are interested in promoting
business and economic growth, it only makes sense to work together.

The CBCs, working closely with other community groups and organizations will host
events that encourage participation by all sorts of business and community leaders.  
Large footprint CBCs, which make up the next stage of CBC development, will have open
common areas where anyone can have a casual meeting over a cup of coffee or a light
lunch.  So, you do not need to have an office in the CBC in order to do business there.  In
addition, the open common areas can be used for large training events, business
celebrations, and a wide range of community gatherings.

Please return to this page to watch as the Catalyst Business Center
concept grows in the heart of Gwinnett County, Georgia.

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