Presenting... Lee Huffman...
   "The Business Catalyst"
four successful businesses within one of the most respected companies in the world,
Hewlett-Packard, Company.  At HP, Lee's entrepreneurial foundation moved him quickly
up the ranks.  He participated in HP's well respected
Executive Development Program.
Then, he started speaking on business topics all around the world.  This expanded his a
passion for helping professionals and business leaders discover, and achieve, their full

At the age of 40, Lee tried to retire.  However, you can read books, play golf (badly) and
sleep in only so long.  So, he started taking on special projects and board positions until
he just had to get back into the business game.

In 2003, after reading John C. Maxwell's best seller,
"Be the Best You Can Be", and
Bob Buford's best seller,
"HALF TIME: Moving from Success to Significance", Lee
came out of retirement and became a Business and Executive Coach focused on
developing business owners and leaders.  He invested several years learning from the
best of the best while coaching business leaders near Atlanta, Georgia.  Then he was
invited by a franchise to focus on recruiting and developing coaches who would serve and
develop business leaders in Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, and West Virginia.

Lee Huffman Today
Eight years, thousands of miles, and hundreds of business leaders later, Lee decided to
turn his focus and work directly with a select group of Venture Capital organizations and
the business teams those VCs are reviewing and evaluating for future investments.

In addition, Lee is a sought after Speaker, Board Member, Executive Advisor, and Writer
on the topic of business growth and leadership development.  As the co-founder of over
20 different businesses in areas ranging from retail to distribution, landscaping to
high-tech, and start-up to franchise, Lee has proven that solid business skills can be
applied across the range of industries and disciplines to improve the results and help
business leaders understand and attain their full potential.

Outside of Work
Lee is a graduate of Regis University in Denver, Colorado, an avid reader, and a
perpetual student.  Lee and his family live just north of Atlanta, Georgia and, when he is
not speaking or leading business discussions, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Kim,
and their children, Matthew and Eliza.  Kim, Matt, Eliza, and Lee all enjoy playing golf
together and they are all certified SCUBA divers.  Matthew has recently become a United
States Marine.
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    Business: A formula for
    developing a bright future

    Catalyst: An element that
    stimulates positive change

    Business Catalyst: The
    element that stimulates
    positive change in you and
    your business resulting in a
    brighter future
    “If you can run one
    business well, you can
    run any business well.”
    - Sir Richard Branson,
     CEO, Virgin Group
Trusted Advisor
Executive Mentor
Professional Speaker
Leadership Coach
Lifestyle Architect
Family Man
Serial Entrepreneur
Fortune 100 Executive
Area Developer
Business Coach
What is a "Business Catalyst"?
In 1999, when Steve Tedesco, President of the San Jose / Silicon Valley Chamber of
Commerce, introduced Lee Huffman to a forum of business leaders, he said...
"What's in a title? Lee Huffman was first introduced
to me as a
"Serial Entrepreneur" because he has
launched so many successful businesses. Several
months later, he was re-introduced to me as a

"Leader of Leaders"
because he has developed so
many business leaders across the country and
around the world.  Now, after getting to know Lee a
bit better, I would like to introduce him to you as a
Business Catalyst because chemists use a catalyst
to stimulate positive change in the formulas they
produce and Lee Huffman certainly stimulates
positive change in the businesses and business
leaders he works with each day...”
Over the next 29 years, Lee launched over a dozen
successful businesses in Retail, Manufacturing,  
Distribution, Advanced Technology, Personal Services,
and Professional Services.

In addition to launching and developing multiple private
businesses, Lee was instrumental in the development
Learning from Entrepreneurial Parents
Lee grew up in Indiana as the fourth child of two amazing entrepreneurs.  Both his Father
and his Mother each owned and ran three companies.  While many people in that rural
Indiana town worked in factories and on farms, during his formative years Lee learned
that everyone could become successful owning multiple businesses.

His parents encouraged Lee to start his own business at the age of 13.  So, he built a
small gift shop, ran it for just under two years, then he sold it for ten times his initial
investment (Ask Lee what a 15-year-old does with the profit on their first business sale.).
Lee contributed to two best selling books published by
Mentors Press:
"Walking with the Wise, II" in 2004 and
"Walking with the Wise, Entrepreneur"
in 2005.  Lee
also contributed to
"Grace@Work", published in 2003 by
High Tech Ministries of Atlanta, and
"The Business
, published in 2006 by Action Press.  Both of these
books are out of print.