Lee personally knows the service providers below and they given great service to other
business owners and leaders in the past.  Please contact them directly or send Lee a
message through the contact page for more information.

The list is non-exclusive, which means that we will have multiple providers in most service

However, we can tell you that they only get on our list after meeting stringent requirements,
including being in business in the area for at least two years, providing customer references
which are checked by our leadership team, and meeting other criteria.  Service providers
who would like to be included in this list should contact us for more information.

Business/Event Speaker - Lee Huffman
Visit Lee's Website at the "About Lee" page on this site.

Business and Executive Coach - Lee Huffman
Visit Lee's Business Website at www.ProDevUSA.com

Business Coach - Russ Hall, ActionCOACH
(Greater Atlanta Area - East Marietta office)
Visit Russ Hall's Website

Business Coach - Russ Young, ActionCOACH
(Greater Atlanta Area - Sandy Springs office)
Visit Russ Young's Website

Leadership Consultant - Len Rothman, Leadership at Work
(Greater Atlanta Area - Sandy Springs office)
Visit Len Rothman's Website

Human Resources Advisor - John Miller
Visit John's Website

Certified Public Accountant - Open

Marketing Advisor - Open

Sales Trainer/Advisor - Al Simon
Sandler Sales Institute
Visit Al's Website
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