“Lee worked with me on three occasions back in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Since
then, we have served together as Directors on the boards of several
companies.  No matter what type of company, which CEO or Executive,
or which committee Lee was working with, everyone involved knew that
they had his full attention and that he was there to help.  His
entrepreneurial spirit and his broad range of business experience from
Family Owned Businesses to Fortune 50 Corporations is offered to every
customer and every leader he serves.”
- Charles H., Chairman and CEO, Technology and Education (California and
 Florida, USA)
Welcome to the...
The Business Catalyst Testimonials
“Last fall, Lee came out to Las Vegas to facilitate our annual planning
Workshop at our Leadership Conference.  At the last minute, our Keynote
Speaker canceled due to an emergency.  With less than 12 hours' notice,
Lee jumped in, took over, and kicked off our event with a very moving
and motivating Keynote Address. The next day, we packed the room for
Lee’s workshop and he hit the ball out of the park again!  Lee is already
on the program for our next event and I sincerely recommend him to you
as well.”
- Bill R., EVP Corporate Sales (Global Hospitality)
“I recommend Lee Huffman for any service where he believes that he can
add value.  If you need an educational and motivational speaker, give Lee
a call.  If you are an individual or a business and you are seeking wisdom,
renewed direction and inspiration you have found it in Lee.  He does not
leave a stone unturned until he has successfully met all possibilities for
his clients.  He is integral and ethical in his life and his work.  He is
incredibly dedicated and committed to giving 100% to everything he does.
He is kind, he is through and he has a huge heart.  It is his passion for
helping people attain their fullest potential that makes me so proud to call
Lee my friend and my hero.”
- Dawnie H., Founder and Partner, Executive Communications Training
(Alberta, Canada)
“Lee Huffman comes with my highest recommendation as a speaker,
executive mentor, and business coach and executive mentor. Each
week, I looked forward to our meetings when I knew I could count on him
to ask questions that would bring out the best in me and my team. Lee's
coaching brought both clarity and common sense to my business
thinking and planning.  More than just helping me, he taught me how to
help myself by teaching me the best ways to think through critical and
strategic business issues.  Moreover, he is a man of the highest integrity
and I am confident that any business owner or executive would benefit
from Lee's proven record as a business coach and executive mentor.
Very simply, Lee is awesome.”
- Steve W., CEO, Publishing and Communications (Arkansas, USA)
“Lee Huffman has been coaching and training directors and department
heads in my organization for several years.  His mix of corporate and
entrepreneurial experience gives Lee the ability to ask questions that
draw the best out of my key leaders.  

"We recently promoted five Directors to Senior Director roles. Then
someone pointed out that four of the five had been coached by Lee. The
fifth was in Japan where Lee has not started coaching yet. We intend to
extend Lee’s coaching into Asia in the next quarter.”
- Chandrakant P., F100 Executive, Advanced Technology (California, USA)
“After leading the construction of over 350 new McDonald's restaurants I  
invested in a handyman / remodeling franchise.  Two years later my
profits were ranked #59 out of 64 franchisees.  Working with Lee
Huffman, my team and I moved from #59 to #5 in just 9 months.  At the
same time,  I got my life back and we impressed the h... out of the

“Coaching with Lee was the best move I have ever made in business.  I
just wish that I had started two years earlier when I was first introduced
to Lee and the concept of Business Coaching.

“My advice... Don’t put it off... Start today!”
- Tracey T., Franchisee and Entrepreneur, Construction Services
(Georgia, USA)
“Lee Huffman is a man of integrity and insight. As my business coach, he
helped me create structures and plans for moving my business forward.
Then he coached, educated, and guided me as I lead my team in
executing those plans. He has a wealth of experience in a variety of
business settings and a commitment to the client that is unmatched. Lee
has demonstrated this commitment by again and again showing his
support to me and my organization through time, great feedback and
compassion. I can't recommend him highly enough!”
- BB W., Owner, Hospitality (Georgia, USA)
“My husband and I had built our firm to over 40 Architects and staff
members.  So, when Bill passed away unexpectedly, I was absolutely lost.

“I met Lee and his family while scuba diving in St. Martin.  He was simply
a gift from God. Over the next nine months, Lee visited my firm several
times and coached me by phone each week.  Then he found me a
qualified business coach in my city and worked with us for three months
to ensure that I was in good hands and that we had a smooth transition.

“As I retire from the day-to-day activities in our business, I know that it
would not even exist today had I not met Lee and engaged him as my
professional coach and as a Director on my Board.  I recommend this
caring, knowledgeable leader to anyone who wants to experience a
bright future.”
- Helen W., Chairman, Architecture and Design Services Firm (New York, USA)
“Lee and his team are experts at helping business owners and leaders
grow and get great results.  His company specializes in helping business
owners and individuals to grow through one-on-one consultations and
- Steve P., Business Owner & Entrepreneur, Manufacturing (Tennessee, USA)
“Lee is a great leader, mentor, and speaker who understands how to
bring out the best you have to offer through professional coaching and
- Dilip S., Executive Coach, Mentor and Author (Northern California)
“I have had the pleasure of working with Lee on many projects over the
years and to see him in a wide variety of professional scenarios. Lee has a
rare level of dedication to everything he does. His passion for
helping people is immense, and he has the ability to inspire the people
around him to become the absolute best they can be. Lee is exceptionally
resourceful, and is great at creating strong alliances both with individual
people and with organizations.”
- Marianne E., Sales Trainer & Professional Speaker (New Zealand)
“Lee Huffman:  Great Speaker, Solid Leader, and Exceptional Executive
- Jerry D., SVP of Strategic Development, Financial Services (PA, USA)
“Lee is one of the most committed individuals that you could be
associated with, both professionally and personally.  A true leader of
leaders.  Being part of Lee's extended team has been an honor and I have
seen him work with franchise leadership teams in ways that made vast
improvements in the organization's results, both inside of the franchise
and with every franchisee.  Give Lee a call, invest a few hours with him,
and you will quickly see for yourself how he can help you and your
- Michael K., Franchise Sales and Development Consultant (Nevada, USA)
“I first hired Lee as a business coach based on broad background and his
demonstrated commitment to my personal growth and success.  This
experience steered me on a journey of hyper learning and growth that I
continue today. As an experienced entrepreneur with proven fortune 100
leadership experience Lee is a unique kind of executive mentor and
business coach.  He has the heart of a teacher and a passion for
developing everyone around him. Any business leader who is serious
about discovering and achieving their full potential in life and in
business would benefit from Lee's services.”
- Jim P., HRIP, Business Leader & Human Resources Consultant
 (Georgia, USA)
“Lee is the consummate professional in too numerous ways to account.  
Most importantly, Lee is a genuine salt of the earth individual. He is
reasonable and authentic in his approach to business based upon truly
having “been there and done that” kind of experience. I can truly say Lee
is a successful serial entrepreneur, yet most importantly a one of a kind
individual, friend, father, husband, and invaluable team player. To work
with and know Lee is to be touched by grace, blessings, and honor.”
- Andrew W., Entrepreneur and Financial Advisor (Georgia, USA)
“I worked with Lee for over 7 years as a member of the ActionCOACH
Business Coaching leadership team. I have found Lee to be highly
intelligent, honest, forthright, and caring. Lee's greatest trait is his
absolute integrity. He is exceptional at keeping his commitments, and will
always support a fellow business leader to the best of his abilities.
Anybody who works with Lee should feel very privileged knowing they are
working with a top 1% human being.”
- Kevin W,, Firm Owner, Licensed Business Coach (Washington, USA)
“Lee was my trainer and mentor and trainer during the first ActionCOACH
training. During our time together, I found Lee to be an inspirational
speaker, trainer, mentor and leader to our group. He brings a great deal
of wisdom that helps us see things from many different perspectives. He
also has great experience and life lessons that inspires us to be the best
that we can be.   In short, Lee is a truly good person. High integrity,
passionate, willing to help, and a lifelong learner.”
- Cynthia W., Master Coach and Owner, Professional Services
(Jakarta, Indonesia)
“I have come to know Lee, first, as a business coach to a peer and,
second, as a regional developer / master licensee of a franchise system.
Lee has impressed me as a resourceful, energetic, driven and optimistic
entrepreneur.  He is a leader who is highly committed to the success and
well-being of those with whom he works. I have appreciated his forthright
manner and I am very pleased that our paths crossed.”
- Ed N., Business Attorney (Tennessee, USA)
“Lee Huffman could have walked into the sunset after selling multiple
businesses that he had started in the 1990.  But, thankfully, he chose to
help others grow their businesses and achieve their dreams instead. Lee
has a proven system for business success, and you will have a hard time
finding anyone more ethical, more results oriented, and more invested in
helping you and your team succeed.”
- Scott M., Consultant and Business Owner (Georgia, USA)
“Lee is a very caring, and committed business leader.  My time working
with Lee as my Coach was very exciting and educational.  He has a great
approach with people and has proven knowledge and skills in helping
- Dana H., Chief of Staff, Media Services (Arkansas, USA)
“Lee has been an inspiration and leader to me during my transition from
corporate executive to business owner. He introduced me to business
coaching and has helped in the growth of my business in too many ways
to mention here. I would recommend Lee to other business professionals
and to anyone wishing to expand their success in business and in life. His
extensive background and compassion for others is a winning
- Curt H., Owner & Licensed Professional Coach, Business Services
 (Tennessee, USA)
“Lee is a true, sincere leader of great principles and values who has
helped me to enormously improve my business and leadership skills. He
coached me when I was developing my first business. He started out by
helping me clarify my long-term goals and then to develop a plan to
achieve those goals.  He has always given me excellent advice for the
next actions to take in my business.  As a serial entrepreneur himself he
can truly guide you and help you through all the phases building a
successful business.”
- Arnout D., Area Developer, Franchise Services (Caribbean)
“Business and Executive Coach Lee Huffman is a generous man of the
highest integrity. We have worked on several successful events
together.  He is positive, easy to communicate with, and has a knack for
asking penetrating questions will make you look at the world from several
new perspectives (He says that is what a Coach and Mentor does.). If you
have an interest in improving your business and personal results contact
Lee today.”
- Elizabeth W., Founder and CEO, Marketing Services (Georgia, USA)
“I met Lee while exploring business opportunities and found him to be
very open, informative, and knowledgeable. He invested time, up front, to
get to know me and then spoke to me from my perspective, which really
meant a lot to me.  For anyone looking for ways to breakthrough in
business, I would sincerely recommend having an open conversation with
- Ken G., Partner & COO, Manufacturing (Michigan, USA)
“Lee is a pleasure to work with. He's a real team player with a mind for
the bigger picture and not just his own interests. He is a highly intelligent
business leader and will deal with you with the utmost of integrity. I would
highly recommend to anyone considering doing business with Lee to
move forward together.”
- Don S., Business Owner and Entrepreneur (Pennsylvania, USA)
“Lee is an outstanding mentor and coach. He is a person of abundance
who enjoys helping others. He also challenges those around him to think
more creatively and abundantly. He helped me learn a great deal about
developing others and becoming a successful business.  He has helped
me in my business immeasurably. I highly recommend him as a trainer,
speaker, coach, mentor and consultant.”
- Rick O., Business Services (Texas, USA)
“Invest an hour with Lee and you'll walk away with more ideas on how to
grow a business than you would by speaking with a dozen consultants.
Lee cares... He is experienced... He is driven to share what has made
many of the businesses he created and sold successful. He wants you to
succeed and only gets in your way if you were on the way down...talk to
- Stephen M., Owner, CEO & Franchise Area Developer (Texas and Oklahoma)
"Lee understands the importance of building relationships with his
business partners. He is an analyzer who does his homework with every
venture and partnership he pursues. Lee's broad business experience
and entrepreneurial approach offers great value for anyone looking to do
business with him.”
- David D., Head Coach and Area Developer (Iowa, USA)
“Lee is motivated to help others achieve their personal and professional
goals, is of the highest integrity and is adept at helping others make great
decisions that positively influence outcomes. Lee has a great sense of
humor, is respectful of others' views, is open to the possibilities and is
grounded in a mindset of abundance.  Working with Lee and his team will
be a gratifying experience.”
- Bill D., Franchise Executive (Louisiana, USA)
“Lee is a true leader. He has a deep commitment to the principles
required to help you work and live a balanced life. Under his guidance,
his team members are very successful and so, as a result, are the
business leaders they coach. Lee’s seminars and workshops are
informative and insightful and will help take any organization to a new
level of accomplishment. I can say, with much confidence, that if you
work with Lee and his team, you will not be disappointed.”
- Ann H., Entrepreneur and Executive (Florida, USA)
“Lee is one the humblest and most masterful people I know. He sees the
good in every situation and in every person and endeavors to work
alongside to bring out that good and make it even better so that everyone
and every business prospers.”
- Dr Richard N., Entrepreneur and Author (Perth, United Kingdom)
“So here is the thing about Lee - clarity. Not only can he help a business
owner cut to the quick and make progress on what they need to improve,
but he can do the same with people looking to become business owners.
With the many distractions for resources, the ability to cut to the chase
and focus on the "important core events" is what Lee brings to the table.”
- Steve B., President, Professional Development Services (North Carolina, USA)
“Lee has the personal values and integrity which I find important in a
business man and particularly an executive coach. In business and
avocation, it is not what you do but why and how you do it that matters.
Lee Huffman is a man who understands that and he can help any
business leader, in any type of business, discover and attain their full
- Paul T., Vice President Global Development, Advanced Technology
(Georgia, USA)
“Lee is the kind of business and executive coach who will not lead you
astray.  You can take his advice and simply run with it. Why?  Because he
has 'been there' and he has 'done that'.  For over 30 years, Lee has
studied business with a passion.  He has a keen mind, and an approach to
coaching that gets right to the heart of any difficult issue, and he is able
to propose solutions that make sense and are easily executed. I would
recommend his work to anyone who owns and/or runs a business of any
- Al S., Authorized Licensee, Sales Training (Georgia, USA)
“I can, without any hesitation, recommend Lee Huffman to any business
owner or corporate executive who has come to the realization that an
outside perspective and accountability presence is needed for personal
and business development. Lee has, time and time again, demonstrated a
calm and relentless insistence on finding ways to improve people,
systems and business. He's the real deal.”
- John M., Owner, Professional Services (Georgia, USA)