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Contributing to great events requires more than
simply motivating and inspiring business leaders.  
As a professional speaker, trainer and executive
coach, Lee Huffman delivers sound educational
programs that result in personal breakthroughs and
accelerated personal and organizational results.  
This is why he is called
“The Business Catalyst”.

Program Formats
The Business Catalyst offers programs in the
following formats to address all of your professional
development needs:  
Keynote Presentations
Executive Mentoring
Group Coaching
Transformational Workshops
Custom Seminars
Help successful people become even
more successful so that they can
maximize their contribution to the
world, achieve their goals and
dreams, and continue to live
enjoyable, well balanced lives.

                            One Size Does Not Fit All!

                                                            Canned, off the shelf, programs do not work
                                                            very well for anyone, except maybe the
                                                            presenter.  Lee's customization process
                                                            involves at least two up-front conversations,
                                                            which we call

                                                            This process ensures that you have the
                                                            best program possible and receive the
                                                            highest return on your training investment.
Discovery is a vital part of any engagement with The
Business Catalyst
.  In two or three conversations,
Lee can outline a custom program that will provide
breakthrough results for your keynote address,
transformational seminar or custom workshop.  
Group Coaching and Executive Mentoring programs
have a repetitive
Discovery process that ensures
continuous improvement and multiple breakthroughs
over the course of the engagement with Lee.
Scientists use catalysts to
accelerate chemical
reactions.  Use the right
catalyst and get breakthrough
results that propel you
forward.  Use the wrong
catalyst and all of your effort
is wasted.
Discovery typically requires two or three conversations over the course of five to ten
business days.  There is no charge for this process and we give the following guarantee:
Lee's Discovery Guarantee
If you engage, and fully participate, in Lee’s free Discovery process...

You and Lee will have a full better understanding of your initial needs.
You will have key measures that will let you know when these needs are met.
You will have criteria for evaluating service providers who can address your needs.

Knowing that he cannot work with everyone who is referred to him or who comes to him via his marketing sources, Lee has developed an extensive list of professional speakers,
trainers, and coaches, who he knows and trusts.  If he cannot address your needs, he will
suggest other professionals from his network.

Serving a Select Group of Companies and Client
For over 12 years, Lee has worked with a select group of organizations and one-to-one
clients.  These customers range from Family Owned businesses to Fortune 100
companies. They include Corporate Human Resources Managers, Small and Medium
Business Owners, Executives, Community Leaders, and Professionals from various walks
of life, including:  Accountants, Athletes, Attorneys, Consultants, Dentists, Doctors,
Franchisers, Lawyers, Ministers, and more.

Still, they all have the following traits in common:

They are successful today or they have been successful in the past.
They are committed to their own personal and professional development or they
are committed to the personal and professional development of the people they
They are open to coaching and are willing to follow through on the suggestions
made by their coach.
They understand that Adult Learning and Professional Development is very
different from the learning and development programs they have experienced to
They know that Discovery does not end after the initial, free, sessions and that new
areas for development will come out in future training and mentoring sessions.
They understand that Lee is not here to "fix" anyone or anything.  Rather, he is
here to help his clients identify and attain their full potential in life and in business.

Lee is open to working with anyone, in any business, in any geographic location and
would enjoy sharing our
Discovery process with you as time allows.
Standing on the Shoulders of Legends
There is no reason to re-create the wheel.  Lee’s
clients have a vast amount of experience and
knowledge and he starts "where they are" based on
what he learns in your first few
Discovery sessions.

In addition to Lee’s client's knowledge and
experience, Lee draws upon many other sources to
address his client's needs.  With over 30 years of
Corporate and Entrepreneurial experience, plus
knowledge gained through training and coaching
hundreds of executives, business owners, and
leaders, he has a solid foundation to build upon.  In
addition, he will tap into other resources as needed,

His own mentors and advisors
Tools and programs he has developed in the
Ongoing research he is doing for future books
and programs
“I ‘stand on the shoulders’
of many Leadership
Development Professionals
who have come before me.”,
Lee says.  “From Socrates,
one of the world's first
documented mentors and
coaches, to my leadership
coaches, John C. Maxwell
and Tony Wilson, to a whole
list of great coaches,
mentors, authors and
speakers, I will leverage
anything that I can find to
help my clients realize the
breakthroughs that will
accelerate them on their path
to achieving their full
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